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Screw - rod with a continuous helical surface along a longitudinal axis - operating part mechanism for transporting cargo moving along a rotating helical surface inside the pipe. The screw is a device for transporting loose, small-sized, dust, powdered materials.
During operation of the machine thermoplastic outer diameter and the width of the screw crest slicing change due to wear, because of which the machine performance and reduced product quality. Thus worn auger requires repair or replacement at new. screw, uvkinvest,kharkov
Company UVK-Invest offers you the following services:
- Cladding screws
- Repair of the screws
- Restoration of the screws
- Production of screws for all types of industries (chemical industry, printing, metallurgy, machine-building, agricultural)
The screws used in the production of building materials enterprises in the animal feed, milling and chemical industries to move in a horizontal, vertical and oblique directions of loose, small-sized, dust, powdered materials (usually at a distance of up to 40 m horizontally and 30 m - Vertical). In machine-building workshops used for transporting chips from the machine drain.
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