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Our company is one of the most reliable manufacturers and suppliers of the highest quality shafts for all types of industries.

corrugated shafts
Shafts production of LLC UVK-Invest company precisely designed under the supervision of qualified professionals, using the latest technology and the best quality of metal.
Prized for its seamless finish, ease of installation, corrosion-resistance and rugged construction.

The UVK-Invest company provides services for the production and repair of shafts for different types of industries:
chrome shafts
1. Forming rolls for rolling steel from a coil,
 2. shafts for straightening machines,
 3. Rolls for jewelry industry,
 4. Shaft for paper machines,
 5. Corrugated shafts for the production of cardboard,
 6. Shafts for printing machines:
            - Shafts for painting steel
            - Transporter rollers and shafts,
            - Clamping shafts.

Depending on the specific application, we cover the working surface of the chromium industry, rubber and polyurethane.  
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