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Company «UVK - Invest» offers gumming rollers, rubber lining shafts, recovery and production of shafts for printing and other industries.
One of the main criteria «UVK - Invest» is the highest quality shafts and the highest possible customer satisfaction. All manufacturing plants have the necessary materials, know-how and are certified in accordance with the quality standards EN ISO 9001: 2000.
The shafts of the inking unit
The shafts of the inking unit, proven quality, long life and high resistance to chemicals. The shafts provide high-quality ink transfer and easy to clean. The shafts of the inking unit optimized solely for printing with UV inks.
Shafts inking and dampening rollers that allow to print without any problems with the alternation of UV and conventional inks. This type is also recommended for printing with hybrid inks.
Moisturizers shafts
Moisturizers rollers for alcohol and alcohol free printing to allow for stable printing with the usual dose of the IPA, with a limited amount, and without IPA.
Permanent hardness dampening rollers and a special hydrophilic surface provides optimal dosage humidifying solution at the sheet and web offset printing.
Moisturizers rollers under cover
Rubberized shafts under the plush covers and 3M, including special materials for their replacement and adjustment on bezcheholnoe hydration.
Additional services:
- Producing laminating rollers
- Polyurethane rings for folding machines
- Shafts for the developing machines
- Clamping and guide rollers, roller ...
- Complete the cylinders, including the installation of accessories
About gumming rollers
With gumming processes of shafts usually are familiar majority of printing production. Therefore, offering our customers services gumming rollers, we are well aware that the quality of our services depends on the success of our customers' business. We are interested in fruitful cooperation, your success - is our success. Adhering to this scheme, we produce rubber-coating of shafts, recovery and production of shafts with the highest professionalism and the highest quality possible.
The process of recovery shafts may be as a mere rubber-coating and chrome plating, copper plating and applying rilsan. These technological coatings provide maximum period of service of the roller, gives the product resistance to chemicals, high and low temperatures, ensures extremely low water and gas permeability, thus preventing premature wear of the product. Qualitatively, rubber-coated rollers undoubtedly optimize the processes of printing production.
Restoring shaft is suitable, effective and economical process. It is carried out with the use of innovative technologies. Therefore, turning to us, you get a refurbished shaft, very little inferior in performance to the new model.